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Surviving You

Title: Surviving You

Series: Shameless #2

Author: Dawn A Keane

Genre: Contemporary Romance Suspense – Dark

Release Date: December 5, 2015


"Thou shalt take the boy out of Manchester, but you cannot take Manchester out of the boy."

Lee –

I’m a killer, a hardened criminal born into the underbelly of an unlawful world that my father crafted,

and I am to be crowned the next King. I used to covet the dark; it has forever been my friend and

forgives me my sins. A slither of light has dared me to hope, it has my house of cards tumbling all around

me. From the moment I saw her I knew she would be my downfall, for how can something that shines so

bright not burn? Yet, she is my salvation and I gladly walk the path that I have chosen….

Rose –

I cringe at my own shadow; dark corners of my mind forever torment me. I have yet to escape from my

demons; they beseech me with every turn of my head. Yet lurking is a promise, a promise of things to

come. It has my heart in a vice; squeezing the last dregs of a love I never thought I could feel again. From

the moment I saw him I knew he would be my downfall, for how can something that smoulders so dark

not singe? Yet, he is my redemption and I gladly walk the path that I have chosen….

“Thou shalt always protect the family.”


Loyalty doesn’t come much richer than family so when Lee Young decides to hang up his gun and head

north he sets in motion a chain of events that cause murder and mayhem with every step closer he

takes to walking.

When two worlds collide, it forces Rose to meet her demons head on and has Lee frantically trying to

keep both Rose and her daughter safe. The road they travel together will be their greatest challenge and

their most dangerous yet.

With so much to lose but everything to gain, Lee and Rose become embroiled in a game of cat and

mouse as they try to confront the threats surrounding them. Running to keep one step ahead of

everyone else, can these lovers climb out of the dark that they find themselves in and bathe in the light

their love promises before the fire burns to embers and their world is snuffed to smoke?

Can be read as a standalone

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More in this series:

Surviving Him (Shameless #1)

Dark erotic romance contains subject matter some might find distressing, also violence and sexual

scenes. Not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

An explosive love story of a mother, and her struggle to be with the love of her life, against all odds.

Logan is strong, sexy, and the type of father that Dana’s daughters deserve in their lives. Dana’s life is

rocked by tragedy, she is forced into running from her psychotic ex-husband, Ian, and it seems he’s

determined to keep them apart. Left with nowhere else to turn Dana and her girls seek shelter in a

women’s refuge in Manchester, where Dana finds lifelong friendships in the other women who live

there. Sisters brought together by despair that haunts them every single day, but the laughter they bring

keeps out the darkness that is Dana’s past, she hopes she can find herself again. But a life away from

Logan and his ability to ignite the flame deep inside her is almost unbearable. Dana’s not the only one,

Logan will fight anyone and anything to be back in Dana’s arms again. Can they carve out an existence

for their fiery passion amid Ian’s rage?

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Author Info:

I was brought up in Manchester and I am now living in the beautiful Scottish borders with my three


I have enjoyed writing my story as I had a pretty hard upbringing and have suffered like everyone does

over the years in different situations, but everyone has a story to tell.

I just hope my story can help someone out there who is, or has been through the same sorts of

situations as myself.

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