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Enchanting Wilder

Title: Enchanting Wilder

Series: The Wild Series #1

Author: Cassie Graham

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Declan Wilder has never met a witch he didn’t hate. He is in the business of

protecting the world from all things paranormal, after all. But what happens when

one glimpse at an enchanting McKenna Sawyer sends him spinning? Suddenly,

Declan can’t help but question everything he thought he knew about the world he’s

been sworn to protect for so long.

Plagued by her parents’ death, McKenna Sawyer has no interest in anything outside

of her family’s business and her sister’s happiness. So when she’s assigned to warn a

Pursuer about his impending death, she’s less than prepared for the way he shifts

her world on its axis. And when more time spent with him leads to more secrets

about their world revealed, they must decide how their universes fit together — if at


The paranormal world is gearing up for a fight, and both Declan and McKenna have

been called to battle. But the question remains — will they be fighting for or against

each other?


Pulling McKenna close to my body, I lock my hands behind her back. I can’t help but

chew on the inside of my cheek, the close proximity to her already overwhelming all

of my senses.

She sighs contently and clasps her hands loosely around my neck, bringing her head

up to lay it just below my shoulder. Her body shudders under mine, and I can feel

her erratic heartbeat thumping against my chest.

“You’ve never done anything like this,” I whisper loud enough for her to hear and

she shakes her head, agreeing with me. “You’ve never danced with someone you’ve

just met. It makes you nervous and you’re wondering if you’re going to get caught

up in it—in me.” I’m tilling the line now. I know we don’t have a future—hell, or

even a tomorrow. The moment I’m done with this case, Wood and I are out of here

and it’s not likely for us to come back. But I want to show her what it’s like to let go,

even for a night.

“I want to let go,” she whispers and I wonder if she intended for me to hear it.

I keep silent as we dance and move to the song, the melodic melody lulling us

farther into each other. Her scent engulfs me, her presence surrounds me, and her

being holds mine. I’ve never felt such a thing, but we cling to one another.

Stuck—the good kind of stuck, of course. The kind of stuck I never want to leave.

When the song ends and the band exits the stage, the crowd disperses. But instead

of going back to our booth, McKenna and I stay in our spot, listening to the music on

the jukebox that now fills the air.

“We should do something.”

She lifts her head, looking into my eyes with a glint of mischievous in her own. “Do


I grip my hands harder around her and shrug both of my shoulders. “Something

fun—something crazy.”

She groans. “You’re using that word again—crazy. We’re in Summerson, Declan.

This is the craziest it gets around here.” She pulls back to look at me.

“Well, then let’s go somewhere else.”

“It’s almost one in the morning. Where are we going to go?”

I unlatch myself from her and pull out my phone, Googling a map of the world.

“Close your eyes and point.”

McKenna tilts her head and the corners of her mouth twitch. “You’re serious? I can’t

just leave. I don’t have the money to go buy a plane ticket. Plus, I have to work

tomorrow, and Declan…” She slaps my arm. “Aren’t you on a case?”

I chuckle. “Aren’t you this all-knowing witch? Let’s blip there and come back. Two

hours. Tops.”

Her nostrils flare as she contemplates my offer. “I don’t blip.” She smiles and bites

her thumbnail. “But we can Dissipate. But I’ve never done it with another person


I straighten my back. “Now is as good of a time as ever. Let’s do it. Now, point.”

Her honey eyes widen when she sees my seriousness. “Really?”

“Yes, really. Do it. Let’s go.”

She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, twirling her finger above my phone.

After a few theatrics, she lands on a spot. Opening one eye, she realizes where her

finger landed.

“We can’t.”

I nod. “We can.”

Author Info:

Cassie Graham is a firey redhead with an intense love for fairytales-- angsty,

suspenseful fairytales-- but fairytales nonetheless. She's had all kinds of jobs-- but the

one she loves the most is being a writer. She finds solace in it. She's also a mom to a

beautiful little girl. Her greatest joy is watching her grow.

Cassie has always loved to write and is so thankful that she's able to do it full-time.

She's very lucky to have a husband who works his booty off working so she can live

out her dream. He's the reason why writing romance is so easy.

Cassie is a born and raised Arizona girl. Though she has moved around a bit, her

home always calls to her. It's where her heart will remain.

If Cassie isn't writing, she's more than likely cooking in the kitchen with her

daughter or has her nose buried deep in a good book. She loves front porch sitting,

drinking coffee, and constantly dating her husband.

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