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Finding Hope for Tomorrow

Title: Finding Hope for Tomorrow (Tomorrows #2)

Author: Kathryn McNeill Crane

Release Date: April 26, 2016

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Every person’s life tells a story.

Some are uncomplicated, straightforward, and easy. Things fall into place with a simplicity that boggles

the mind.

Others twist and turn, and every day is centered on fighting and scraping, yet never finding victory.

And then there are those who gain an inch only to be knocked back a foot. They love. They fight. They

stumble. They fall. But through it all, they stagger to their feet, step back on life’s path, and push

through until they win. For these people, happiness is not an illusion. It’s a truth, a promise, worth any

effort, any scars, but just out of arm’s reach. It stands at the end of the path, taunting and teasing,

tempting them to take one more blow.

And in the end, the battles make victory sweeter. More valued. More precious than ever imagined.

More than any one person could hope.

This is Liam’s story.

Loyal, protective, shoulders stronger than Atlas'.

Broken, worn, battered.

Win or lose, he’s ready to fight for what tomorrow brings.

Life. Love. Healing. Hope.

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More in this series:

Searching for Tomorrow (#1) – Released Oct 13, 2013

Some people are blessed to find that one certain person who completes them.

Wrynn’s yesterdays were what others only dream of having. She and Tripp were the best of friends

before they even thought about love. They had the fairy tale life where ‘like’ turns into ‘love’, and ‘love’

becomes ‘happily ever after’...

What happens when life conspires against you, and snatches your soul mate from your arms?

… Only her forever love ended much too soon.

Broken beyond her own ability to repair, Wrynn boxes up her grief and attempts to raise her three girls

the best she can on her own. As time slowly passes, Wrynn relives her life with Tripp while struggling

most days to get out of bed. She is reminded of him at every turn.

How do you set your grief and anguish aside? How do you pick up the shattered pieces, put those pieces

back together again, and try to move on?

Wrynn tries to find the joy in life every single day through her daughters, family, and friends. Her twin

brother Liam has dedicated himself to helping Wrynn put her life back together after losing his own love.

On the other hand, her mother-in- law lives to torment her at every turn. Wrynn can't even find a chance

to breathe, much less a desire to somehow search for her tomorrow.

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Author Info:

Kathryn is a simple country girl who likes to spend time with her family. Born and raised in Eastern North

Carolina, she loves to travel, but can't imagine ever leaving the mountains she's come to call home. She

holds Jeremiah 29:11 very close to her heart and believes it with every fiber of her being. "For I know

the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give

you hope and a future."

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