Monday, May 2, 2016

Marriage to a Mister

Title: Marriage to a Mister

Series: Daughters of Regency #1

Author: DeAnne Cherry

Release Date: May 5, 2016


Lady Fleur Osborne knows several things to be true: her father would likely

continue to turn away every suitor at the door, her sister could very well end up

unmatched by fault of her clever mouth alone, and that Fleur herself is perfectly

happy to say goodbye to the marriage mart and devote her days to caring for her

father and his estate.

But fate, it would seem, has little care for Fleur’s wishes, and its plans are made

known by way of two matchmaking fathers, a Viscount's unexpected proposal, and a

murderous flowerpot that thwarts their carefully laid schemes.

Evan Woolf has been content to stay away from the ton and its mischief, happily

sequestered in his dusty library with his work, the choice in no way due to the

chance of seeing Lady Fleur again. It has been too long since he has seen her, and the

pain between them has deepened the chasm to bounds impassable.

But when the two collide in a scandal the likes of which only France could provide,

Evan finds himself given a second chance, and it’s one he won’t squander. And in the

end, the flower and the wolf may find themselves in love once again, against all

odds, and with a match made forever.

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Author Info:

When DeAnne was a little girl she didn’t want to be a doctor, an astronaut or a

firewoman, and she definitely didn’t want to be a writer. She was going to be an

Egyptologist, and that was that.

One day, while working as a library aide at her middle school, DeAnne picked up a

beat up old book called The Reluctant God by Pamela F. Service, mostly because the

cover had a young modern girl with flaming red hair leaning over a mummy in a

sarcophagus. The story wasn’t a piece of literary mastery by any stretch, but it did

have a time traveling Egyptian prince, and a plucky strong willed girl who both

come together to solve the mystery and save the day. That was enough to have

DeAnne grabbing every book within reach ever since.

Her reading taste may have expanded from fantasy, but it never wandered into the

realm of romance until one day her mother handed her a historical romance novel

to read while she was on bed rest with her twins. DeAnne scoffed, surely her mother

didn’t expect her to read such ridiculous fluff, but she was quickly running out of

things to read so she read it and something unexpected happened. She loved it, and

she never looked back.

Born and raised in a tiny town in Oklahoma, DeAnne is married to her best friend

Randy and has four beautiful and equally mischievous children. She works days with

her husband at their graphic design studio and at night she writes love stories. A far

cry from being an Egyptologist, but a better life she couldn’t imagine.

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